Adventures in making Seitan at home! The other night it was about midnight but I wasn’t tired so thought this would be a perfect time to experiment with the kitchen to myself.
1: the ingredients. surprisingly cheap, given how much Seitan costs if you buy it in a shop ready made.
2: dry mixture, wet mixture, cold stock.
3: dough, ready for boiling.
4: the stock with dough added, bubbling away.
5: cooling down in the stock ready for tasting and boxing up.
6: ready for refrigeration, all done.
7: stir fried with spring onions, leeks and ginger. Ate this with homemade peanut sauce, noodles and cucumber slices.

This was a success, I am now looking forward to making it again and altering the seasonings to try to create different flavours. The recipe I used was from Vegan with a Vengeance. Like every other recipe I tried from that book, it was a good one.

Just thought this deserved it’s own post…